Appellate Division Affirms: Expert Evidence Required to Prove Contaminants Caused Injury

In Anna Olson, et al. v. Sunoco, Inc., Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, Docket No.: A-4769-12T1 (App. Div. Jan. 26, 2015), the Appellate Division affirmed a grant of summary judgment ... Read more

New Jersey Legislation Worth Watching

A few pieces of legislation were introduced during the current New Jersey legislative session which concern hazards in homes, schools, and workplaces.  These bills are not laws just yet, but they ... Read more

Asbestos Exposure & Your Risk of Mesothelioma

As adults, most of us are required to choose some type of occupation in order to survive. Unfortunately, many occupations present the risk of very serious work injury – including asbestos e ... Read more

Lead Poison Danger in Food Handling

Lead is a known poison. The soft, bluish-silver, heavy-metal has had many uses throughout history. While lead consumption in food has decreased about 90% since 1980, there are hazards to avoid. L ... Read more

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settlement in Florida

Click for videos related to the BP Gulf oil spill and resulting settlement. Ken Feinberg speaks to the FRLA as Administrator of the Gulf Coast Settlement Fund. Florida is unique among the states affec ... Read more

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